Flags and Wags
$250 - that's about what it takes to make each of our "placements" happen. 

We begin with meeting our new veteran friend.  With PTSD or Anxiety Disorder, sometimes, they are not yet ready to take on this task on their own.  We do a basic evaluation of what they would be looking for in a new buddy and ..... 

We then visit our rescue partners to do the search for the perfect match.  It's not easy. We want to be absolutely sure the match is perfect, for both the pet and the veteran. 

Once the match is made, we make sure the pet has all the necessary shots, papers, food, accessories and supplies it needs as well as make double sure the veteran is ready for the commitment. 

This process takes time but it's so worth it in the end.  Save a Pet - Help a Vet.  It's a WIN-WIN and just a small way for us to thank those that have made the sacrifice to serve our country in the U.S. Military.